With the tremendous demand for public services, it is easy for a city to get caught up in the daily and weekly issues which face us. As a Council member, I will work to tackle those issues as we set the direction for our administrative team and employees. It’s our job to provide guidance and strategy, while holding our administrative team accountable for results.

  • Action: Prioritize and gain Council alignment on emerging issues

There’s no doubt that Portage has established its leadership position in this region by fostering economic development and providing a high quality of life for its residents. That’s a balancing act, and will be even more so in the future. It means diversifying our economic base, creating a business-friendly environment with appropriate and well-understood ordinances and guidelines that are good for residents and businesses alike. When it comes to addressing the needs of seniors, particularly as it relates to leisure, services and housing, I’ll be open to new, creative approaches.

  • Action: Clarity around development-related ordinances and economic growth plan
  • Action: Establish a task force to understand and address developing needs of seniors

There’s more work to be done when it comes to intergovernmental cooperation. Under the current Council, we’ve made strides, particularly as it relates to 9-1-1 services, while protecting the interests of Portage taxpayers.

  • Action: Look for, establish and communicate collaboration opportunities

It’s easy for a municipal organization to get comfortable with the status quo or, worse, take its citizens for granted. We’re a city with: no unfunded legacy debt; a defined employee retirement program; a healthy emergency reserve; and responsible capital improvement programs. Vigilance, as well as open-mindedness, must be the touchstones of our Council when we set priorities and maintain cost-effective services.

  • Action: Establish and transparently communicate funding priorities

In that vein, I will be responsive to citizen concerns and complaints. I will work to make the City more actively engaged with its residents. With a maturing city and technology driving communications, we need to create more direct, convenient and timely information sharing. Let’s make it simpler and more engaging for citizens to know what the City is doing and to feel a part of the community.

  • Action: Develop and implement communication strategy to engage and benefit all citizens

I understand that leading our City as we move forward requires a shared commitment to success. I want Council to work as a team, whose commitment includes respect for our employees, administrative leaders, fellow Council members and citizens. Strong, successful organizations respect individual opinions as long as that shared commitment is there.

I look forward, as the campaign progresses, to share more about the important issues facing our community.

Endorsed by Keith Hearit:

“I’m voting for Lori because I’ve found in her someone who is fair, listens to all sides of an issue, and who deeply loves our city of Portage.”

Endorsed by Priscilla Pedraza:

“I’m voting for Lori Knapp because she is intelligent, kind and will be a good voice for Portage.”

Endorsed by Nancy Colburn:

“She looks at all sides of an issue before deciding the best plan. She will be a great asset for the City of Portage.”

Coby Chalmers:

“I have always been impressed by her thoroughness, her ability to be concise while also open to input during a discussion, and her talent for getting the job done.”